Why Internet Sucks In US — The Secret!

America actually has some of the worst the internet in the developed world. The entire American internet actually have slower broadband and almost any other developed nation. The internet here in Seoul is
nearly eight times faster than America. Yep cities in South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, France and even Romania have internet fast enough to download an entire high def movie in just 7 seconds.

The most hated companies in America are working to keep it that way. Why is this taking so long because of
those bandwidth blocking bastards America’s cable companies. In this case local governments created them. In exchange for building new cable lines. Early cable companies were handed exclusive contracts by state and local governments that come.

It turns out a lot of harm those cable lines would go on to become the only viable way to get broadband to your home. So now if you want fast internet you probably have no choice but as an intellectual I’m intellectually curious why don’t other companies just put up new cables and try to compete.

That’s real scam they all agreed not to, years ago America’s cable companies realized that if they costed themselves by region they wouldn’t really have to compete. They hatch their plan in 1997 during what one cable executive calls the summer of love. By 2016 America’s 40 regional cable companies had consolidated to just three and without regional competition. These greedy monopolist are free to jack up prices and keep your speed
shockingly slow.

In those places service providers compete, in fact France requires companies this year space on their networks with competitors for faster internet to cater games and game tools such as . Which is why some French people have not one but six high-speed providers to choose from but in our country these cable jerks and used every tool at their disposal to eradicate competition. They even lobbied state governments to make it illegal for America’s cities to build their own networks and this scheme makes the internet worse for all of us.

We think of ourselves as most technologically advanced nation in the world but when it comes to high-speed internet access we’re at best in the middle of the pack. Susan Crawford professor at Harvard law school and teach and write about health communications in America. Look the problem is that these very cute companies are controlling Americans access to the internet and that means that everyday Americans are paid too much for 2nd class service at a time when modern day life requires access to the internet is just as important these days electricity or water.

The internet is just essential to modern life exactly the same thing happening to have electricity a hundred years ago. Used to be considered a luxury not utility and a very few private companies control electricity in America it took government intervention to make sure that all Americans had electricity. Uncle Sam needs to do his job and force the cable companies to compete until he does we’re going to keep getting screws. If we don’t upgrade the entire country to fiber optic internet access we will be behind for the next several decades.

Different Kind of Semi Trailer -Truck

For those of you who flunked truck Anatomy 101 here’s a quick review. The front of the truck where the driver sits is called the cab the back that carries the cargo is the trailer. A semi-trailer is a type of trailer whose front end goes on the same wheels as the rear end of the cab. This type of semi trailer is called a van it has a closed-in compartment for transporting cargo that needs protection from the elements. To make the coupler plate the part that attaches the van to the truck cab they submerge steel plates and water to avoid the smoke that metal cutting generates.

They use a computer-guided plasma cutters, powerful torch jets hot gas at high pressure slicing through the metal with detailed precision elsewhere. In the factory meanwhile they take pre-painted aluminum panels and rivet them onto aluminum or steel support posts. The same way drywall goes onto two-by-fours and house construction these thin lightweight panels will be the fans exterior walls plywood on the reverse side its interior walls. A computerized sensor guides the robotic drills to drive screws through the
plywood into the support posts underneath for heated or refrigerated bands. There’s a layer of insulation in the walls the floor is made of either laminated hard wood or aluminum screwed onto narrow steel beings after assembling the walls. The steel door frame and doors workers install a steel floor plate at the doorway.

This protects the floor from damage when truckers load and unload their cargo by forklift. Workers fold aluminum flashing over the roofs perimeter to prevent water infiltration. Fiberglass roofing like this allows daylight into the van. Aluminum roofing doesn’t so those vans sometimes have electric lighting another type of semi trailer is the flatbed an open trailer used mostly for hauling raw materials such as logs and pipes heavier flatbed models are made thick higher grade steel. Workers cut the bulkier parts using what’s called an
automatic oxy Qatar it combines two gases to create a flame intense enough to slice right through metal. Once cut the parts have to be formed to the required shape to do that workers use what’s called a press brake a machine that applies up to 300 tons of pressure to bend the steel.

They measure the results to ensure it meets design specifications. The chassis will have two main beams running the length of the flatbed a semi-automatic robot welds together. The various welded sections that make up each beam a worker follows behind inspecting the joints and removing welding residue. Now they position those two main be side-by-side inserting steel cross members through them support the floor. They install the coupler plate and other components then weld everything together flatbeds come in extendable versions designed to accommodate loads of various lengths they extend and retract on steel rollers operated by controls located inside.

The truck cap with the chassis complete they can now work on the axle assembly semi trailers have an airbrake system when the driver applies the brakes there’s a release of air pressure into the break chambers triggering the brake shoes bear down on the brake drums and stop the vehicle. Once the wheels and suspension system are in place workers install the axle assembly under the trailer. The average semi trailer weighs between 5 & 6 metric tons and can haul up to five times its weight.