Owlboy in The Land of the Sky Game

Owlboy has been in development for nearly a decade from the good folks as d-pad studio. Players guide Otis a mute the print is Al through an entire land in the sky, fighting Sky Pirates and uncovering the mysteries of owls and islands themselves. Along the way Otis meets more eccentric folks that live there hand and fighting against the Pirates to save the islands. Owlboys proclaimed as a high bit game with some of the most gorgeous pixel art ever put on screen. The sky islands and their inhabitants feel alive with vivid colors and flow animations each environment flows perfectly together creating a cohesive well-structured world that dazzles. Being a mute notice his friends have to do most of the talking for him and yet look a fear, anger, joy hello moto throughout the game says so much more than text ever could. This isn’t a case where pixel art was chosen for nostalgia but rather as a stylistic one. The art with an Owlboy is similar to titles on a neo geo that perfected using sprites and it’s truly a sight to behold similarly the music is just as stunning the first time Otis leaves his village the great unknown the music’s well just as the world opens up before you.

Dangerous caverns and sinister pirate ships are all complemented by wonderful arrangements that helped provoke just as much emotion as the story or visual themselves. Jonathan gear did an amazing job of giving the soundtrack just as much life is every other aspect of the game to an extraordinary degree. Owlboy is a copycat of Pokemon Moon rom (http://pkmonmoonrom.com)plays like a platforming free-roaming Zelda the different characters you unlock along the way our kin to the different weapons and items link gets in every game. The main focus of the gameplay is on combat and exploring to find secrets. Puzzles in each dungeon or level are all clever without feeling of 20 unreasonable. The combat is fast-paced each of us his friends are unique and play entirely different from one another. Players are given the opportunity to approach fights differently because of this and just when it seems like the game starts to do something that could be annoying like having to constantly carry your compatriots with you and ensuring Otis doesn’t ever leave them behind. D-pad studio mixes it up and fixes the problem. The different abilities notices friends are used consistently throughout the game instead of saying Zelda or metroid, where you get a power in one part of the game uses a bunch and then only need to use it once or twice more in the rest of the game.

Owlboy gives you a limited amount of resources to work with which is part of what helps make it’s designed so smart. The narrative is about one central p failure throughout the game everything the leads do is met with utter disaster and bitterness from other characters. It’s not a happy game despite appearances and it’s not in the undertale sense where you make choices and you make the sadness happen it’s just about failure from the beginning into that in Owlboy story helps engage the player the threat within the game feels real maniacal and unstoppable there’s very little hope in Owlboy what you want to fight and you want to keep going. The only big issue i ran into with Owlboy on more than one occasion was how you take damage in most cases Otis himself is the only hitbox you have to worry about but there are times and you can depend on who you’re carrying and what’s causing damage that i found myself getting her unexpectedly most times this occurred was during bosses or projectile enemies and while they took aim directly for Otis it wasn’t consistent as to whether or not your partner taking hits also affects your health.

Owlboy is a rarity it’s a game that has a lot of the crap poured into every asset with charm losing out every step of the way. This won’t be the most uplifting you ever play but it is one that will make an impact. Few games go this long development without needing to be completely recalled. The d-pad studio was successful in making all the right choices unforgettable adventure. Owlboy deserves your money and time, just as much as you owe yourself to experience.

Boom Beach Awesome Features

Boom Beach fan it’s one of my favorite game series of all time so take that as you will maybe I’m going into this almost a little bit too critical but let’s answer the first two initial question I get most about Metal Gear . The phantom pain number one can players who have never played a metal gear game jump into this game because it looks like a lot of fun and I can say yes. The story is actually kind of bare bones especially for the first few hours and while a lot of the nuances of the plot you won’t really understand you can get the sense that you are big boss and you’re out for a quest for revenge and that’s about it out of all the Metal Gear games I think this one has the least amount of things to scare newcomers away because gameplay is the main focus of this one and I’ll and that leads me to the other question that most people ask me a lot. So is it good and after many many many hours of playing this game I can tell you yeah it’s pretty good as you can see from the spoiler free gameplay.

Running here this game various tips and tricks is incredibly advanced for a Metal Gear game this is a completely new style of Metal Gear game so if you played one of the previous games and it didn’t drive with you Phantom Pain might be a little bit more digestible but that’s not to say that the game is simplified or dumb down because honestly it’s the most complicated Metal Gear yet but it’s also the best controlling and most highly refined 12 that and it’s also the most difficult a lot of the Metal Gear games are known for their difficulty in the stealth genre especially Metal Gear Solid 3 but metal gear the phantom pain is definitely the most difficult stealth game I’ve ever played. That being said the game starts off really rough because your bare bones you have a small mother base you have a limited amount of equipment and skill set and you’re tasked with infiltrating really daunting places later on of course as the game gets better and you develop your mother base system which I know a lot of you guys have seen you broke your items out in the field to build up your base. You get better weapons and tools to make your life a little bit easier that being said the most difficult thing about this game is the artificial intelligence it’s completely unpredictable and I don’t say unpredictable in the bad sense like it’s poorly designed but it’s the sense that it’s realistic and you really actually have to stay hidden in a realistic sense not in just a manipulate the game system since you’re not just dodging vision you never really know exactly how far the enemy can see you from and sometimes they’re more likely to freak out when they see you then others sometimes they won’t trust their judgment.

Sometimes they will and they’ll immediately start shooting it makes getting a perfect ranking and doing perfect felt incredibly difficult but thankfully on the other hand when things go to shit which when I was playing happen quite a bit in your way out of a tight situation doesn’t feel awkward and it doesn’t feel like the game doesn’t want you to do that the shooting here feels pretty damn refined as of the rest of the systems that just plays pretty damn good and of course as you can tell the game looks absolutely gorgeous Fox Engine makes the game look pretty amazing especially considering its developed for multi-platform it’s developed for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as newer gen system so that’s some pretty interesting scaling going on there and this game with absolutely gorgeous the day and night cycles. The weather is dynamic the world and the environments are absolutely huge and all although there isn’t too much to do in them they do feel realistic they do feel lived in and there’s always places to sneak around and treasures to find to build your mother base which I mentioned earlier the mother base system is really cool especially if you’re into hardcore micromanagement because this game gives you a in spades, do you like menus, do you love navigating through menus well Metal Gear has a lot of them but thankfully going through all of them do actually benefit you. They don’t just turn your currency but they also develop your new soldiers new Intel in the field to help navigating around place is easier because your enemies or locations are marked and most importantly can micromanage. The manpower that you pick up and on the field to work on research and development to give you new weapons and tools once you get to the weapon customization it’s pretty damn awesome and really fulfilling and that’s what I will say about this Metal Gear game more than any other ones successfully pulling off a mission feels really great maybe because it’s just so difficult and maybe because it just requires so much concentration and the fact that just besides progressing in the store you actually get to see your rewards out in front of you in your mother base and thankfully with the mother base your weapons your helicopter.

There’s a ton of customization which is completely unlike a Metal Gear game but it’s definitely worth digging into to get a little bit more out of the game. The body companions are all there and they’re really cool I’m sure you guys may have heard about those talked about a lot of previews my personal favorite is quiet. The sniper that will mark enemies and take them out for you quietly no pun intended but she’s actually a really cool character and her moment when you first encounter her is incredibly fun and it reminds me of an encounter from an old Metal Gear game and now let’s talk about the big elephant in the room and the reason I really come to the Metal Gear games even though not everybody would agree with me but I play these games for the story and unfortunately Metal Gear . The story isn’t there as much as you would hope especially since most of the main story missions just feel like you’re doing missions that don’t really have any of the overall impact on anything and fifty percent of time that being said when the story is there that are incredibly well acted beautifully shot completely cinematic really engaging not as long you know. You’re not gonna get a two-hour long cutscene like you are in Metal Gear Solid 4 but overall with the characters and stuff there is still a lot to love despite not much of it being there especially the first hour of the game. The intro to this game is probably one of the best intros to anything I’ve ever played and it might even be one of the better Metal Gear Solid moments ever. I really really really enjoy that and I think for any metal gear solid and I think it’s definitely worth checking out and of course addressing that elephant in the room that controversy of David Hayter no longer being that famous voice of Snakes. Now it’s Keith 47. Well when they give him time to actually talk he does a great job of course he does play it off very much like the sad big boss I don’t know what happened between peace walker and now all of a sudden he’s just super duper sad all the time but when Kiefer Sutherland does have lines they’re actually great and I say that because they really underutilized Boss or Snake in this game is almost a complete new protagonist to the point where sometimes it’s a little distracting some of the country’s I actually found myself chuckling because I’m like why is nobody talking snake why wouldn’t you say anything in this situation idiot and I have a bunch of theories about that maybe they realized Kiefer Sutherland was too expensive and they can only have a first home long but there is a lot of dialogue hidden in cassette tapes and stuff if you really want that extra punch of Metal Gear lure that some of us really love so much despite that it does really suck they’re buried in audio came from a little lame but like I said well the story is a little bit more bare bones compared to the other games it’s still fulfilling its still entertaining and you’re going to love playing through it at the time of this video we wanted to give you guys.

Some first impressions I’ve been playing this game ready for six days before release and I haven’t been able to try the online modes out but if there’s something really special or really awful. We’ll update you guys on that but that suggested Metal Gear The Phantom Pain. I tried to cover all the topics how the game plays have a story is people wondering about Kiefer Sutherland a Snake and like I said if you can just tell from the gameplay that were running it’s a lot of fun to play and it’ll keep you busy for a really really long time. There’s tons of missions tons of side operations and tons of work you can put into your mother base to further develop all your stuff so the game just came out so I don’t waste too much of your time but I just want to let you know what to expect going in if you’re picking up Metal Gear .

Why Internet Sucks In US — The Secret!

America actually has some of the worst the internet in the developed world. The entire American internet actually have slower broadband and almost any other developed nation. The internet here in Seoul is
nearly eight times faster than America. Yep cities in South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, France and even Romania have internet fast enough to download an entire high def movie in just 7 seconds.

The most hated companies in America are working to keep it that way. Why is this taking so long because of
those bandwidth blocking bastards America’s cable companies. In this case local governments created them. In exchange for building new cable lines. Early cable companies were handed exclusive contracts by state and local governments that come.

It turns out a lot of harm those cable lines would go on to become the only viable way to get broadband to your home. So now if you want fast internet you probably have no choice but as an intellectual I’m intellectually curious why don’t other companies just put up new cables and try to compete.

That’s real scam they all agreed not to, years ago America’s cable companies realized that if they costed themselves by region they wouldn’t really have to compete. They hatch their plan in 1997 during what one cable executive calls the summer of love. By 2016 America’s 40 regional cable companies had consolidated to just three and without regional competition. These greedy monopolist are free to jack up prices and keep your speed
shockingly slow.

In those places service providers compete, in fact France requires companies this year space on their networks with competitors for faster internet to cater games and game tools such as . Which is why some French people have not one but six high-speed providers to choose from but in our country these cable jerks and used every tool at their disposal to eradicate competition. They even lobbied state governments to make it illegal for America’s cities to build their own networks and this scheme makes the internet worse for all of us.

We think of ourselves as most technologically advanced nation in the world but when it comes to high-speed internet access we’re at best in the middle of the pack. Susan Crawford professor at Harvard law school and teach and write about health communications in America. Look the problem is that these very cute companies are controlling Americans access to the internet and that means that everyday Americans are paid too much for 2nd class service at a time when modern day life requires access to the internet is just as important these days electricity or water.

The internet is just essential to modern life exactly the same thing happening to have electricity a hundred years ago. Used to be considered a luxury not utility and a very few private companies control electricity in America it took government intervention to make sure that all Americans had electricity. Uncle Sam needs to do his job and force the cable companies to compete until he does we’re going to keep getting screws. If we don’t upgrade the entire country to fiber optic internet access we will be behind for the next several decades.

Steep: The Open World Extreme Sports

The newest game steep,is still in currently in closed beta but managed to get my hands on a copy of it. Steep is an open-world game entire mountain to explore using skis, snowboard, a wingsuit or even very gliding. First we’re going to touch on snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are very similar the controls are relatively the same. Difference being when you’re grabbing flipping tricks are slightly different. Snowboarding seems to be what the game defaults to. In both these loads in control well down to your basic element buttons and a jump button. Once you’re the process of jumping with a controller into trick controls which can occasionally result in character not to exactly what she wants.

One of the steeps vital aspects geforce major show on the screen on the left to caricature. This meter displays the g-forces begin to break character going to different sports. Doing things like landing, crooked landing on ice rocks or even just going off to make the jump will result in increase change course and when this meter runs out to crash. The g-force meter forces you to find balance airlines you write down the mountain. You can simply launch off every jump or crest you see once you get a big jump you have to wait awhile to get refills long enough to launch off another if you don’t magic tricks perfectly that just means the way longer. Steve has two main event types for skiing and snowboarding the first is your standard race racing against preset times for bronze silver gold medal. Second is a freestyle challenge where you’re trying to score as many points as possible and a single run down the mountain.

When you’re playing a group doing these events at the end of the race or reselling men be presented with a leaderboard containing scores times of the other members of the well to compare to your parents. For switching gears to the wing soup when you first select this want to make sure that your physician the point where you can jump from as if you try and move after selecting the wingsuit and your dollar edged more than likely just gonna fall on your face. The wingsuit has two main event types same as for skiing and snowboarding first there’s a race mode, where you can check points as you fall down the mountain, trying to be preset times for different metals. Secondly there is a score based system where you get points the closer you fly the ground and narrowly missing rocks and trees. I’ve noticed that in this mode towards the end of a lot of the races it does get relatively flat that causes an issue because in the wingsuit even when you’re trying to go as high as possible you are still falling and I’ve had a lot of issues with the races where I actually miss the final checkpoint near the finish line because I fly underneath. The wingsuit is definitely the fastest way to get down the mountain outside of traveling television. The best view in my opinion you get to see all the scenery from bird’s-eye view right now really flying relatively close to the ground but you can be a lot higher than this a great view of the entire mountain and just see how beautiful this game actually is.

One thing to remember is that if you feel like you are the perfect type to go through or over something you’re probably too low. You just finished a run you did something absolutely insane that you just need the rest of the world eat don’t worry steve has you covered. Easily access footage of your last ride directly from the mountain view once you click on your previous run you can choose to save the run so it’s actually downloaded to your device share the road with your friends or if you the replay. The replay function has your basic playback buttons in addition you can change the camera point of view between the third person overhead be playing in the first person in the form of that helmet mounted go pro or third view from a GoPro mounted to the front of the snowboarders seeds.

Steve has a large number of customizable features for your character too much every piece of gear on the character can be changed this includes backpacks helmets the jacket pants boots skis or board even the wingsuits and parachutes can be customized. There are also a few pre-made costumes such as back or black swirl my personal favorite outfits are the ones that glow in the dark which simply make the nitride awesome one thing that I was kind of disappointed about in this game is I was kinda coming and hoping that you’ll be able to go off this massive jump on either either snowboard and then immediately switch to pull out your parachute and put down rest them out but i suppose that somewhat unrealistic. So i’ll just have to hope that maybe one day that gets patched it.

Overall this is a excellent game and having a lot of fun with it so far I really haven’t had any technical issues very good and a scheme like this on pc has not happening quite a while so very happy that it does exist. Only had a couple issues with bugs far as getting stuck on objects or things like that and this is still the closed beta with open data next weekend least a month before the game comes out so hopefully everything fixed by then. This is I definitely recommend this game four into Game two this type or even just into winter sports looking for something to mix it up very mellow and enjoyable and I end up getting stuck doing the same thing over and over again and taking two hours but it doesn’t feel like that because I’m enjoying myself.

Hilarious Cases WWE Wrestlers Who Passed Away

When you look at the wrestlers of the WWE, their muscles and ability to perform incredible maneuvers most likely make you think they’re in great shape. Unfortunately, over the years, many of these entertainers have died at a relatively early age. Whether from drugs, health issues, accidents or even suspicious circumstances, the passing of these WWE personalities caught everyone off guard and definitely shocked the world.

Brian Pillman
In October 1997, Brian Pillman was scheduled to face off against Dude Love but he never showed up. Where was the man who had gained fame, thanks to his feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin? When the WWE higher-ups called the hotel Pillman was staying at, they were informed that the maids had discovered his body. At only 35 years of age, his death came as a shock. What was more shocking was that Pillman had died of a heart attack due to heart disease that even he hadn’t known about.

Miss Elizabeth
In a form of entertainment that is only recently incorporated women on a significant scale, it’s easy to forget that even before it was officially the WWE, wrestling had some memorable and very important female characters. Take Elizabeth Hulette aka Miss Elizabeth for example. She was a key part of Randy savages whole storyline and a central figure of the WWF for many years. While she eventually faded from the WWE, fans were shocked to learn that on May 1, 2003, she had died as a result of taking a deadly mixture of pills and alcohol.

Chris Candido
Also known as Skip, Chris Candido’s time in the WWE was relatively short. Nonetheless he had a devoted fan base who followed his wrestling team the Bodydonna’s. After leaving, his career kind of fizzled but received a new boost from TNA wrestling in 2005. Unfortunately, just a few months into his new gig, he suffered a broken tibia and fibula. A few days later, he fell ill and his condition worsen. Diagnosed with pneumonia, the wrestling world was shocked to learn that he later died from or ended up being a blood clot.

Eddie Guerrero
Definitely one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time, Eddie Guerrero wrestled in Mexico in Japan before coming to the WWE in 2000. He became best known as a part of the radicals and for Latino heat. In November 2005 fans, were stunned to learn that Guerrero had died. He was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Minneapolis after an apparent heart attack. Despite being in great physical shape, Guerrero had been unwell in the days leading up to his death. Speculation afterwards linked his death to steroid abuse.

Dino Bravo
From 1985 to 1992, Adolfo Bresciano was a central figure in the WWF and WWE. Fans new and better as Dino Bravo. Often playing the dislikable villain, Bravo and his teammates were known as experts in working at the crowd for sheer arrogance, and insults. Love him or hate him, he was important in wrestling’s golden era. Shockingly, not long after his retirement in the WWE, Bravo was found dead in his Montreal home. He had been shot many times, in a murder many believed was linked to organized crime.

Andre the Giant
If you watched any wrestling from the 1970’s to the 1990’s or seen the classic film The Princess Bride, and you’re more than familiar with Andre the Giant. Born gigantism, Andre grew to ignore size something which are capitalized on in the ring. Despite often playing the bad guy, Andre as actually friendly, well-liked and note the party. In the early 90’s, his appearances became few and far between. In January 1993, fans were shocked to learn that he had passed away in his sleep while in Paris France to attend his father’s funeral.

The Ultimate Warrior
James Hellwig is probably one of the most memorable WWE personalities. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s Hellwig dressed in tassels, painted his face and let his hair go wild in order to embrace the personality that we all knew as the ultimate warrior. From April 5th to 7th 2005, Hellwig took part in various WWE events and even made one last appearance on Raw. Viewers could easily see he didn’t look good and was sweating profusely. On April 8, 2014, fans were saddened to hear the ultimate warrior had died from a heart attack.

Randy Savage
Flamboyant, sometimes good, sometimes bad, Macho Man Randy Savage was definitely a memorable character. In fact, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, you could find kids everywhere pretending to be him. He was a great wrestler, had some fantastic storylines, was unpredictable and had the best promo work. Complaining that he wasn’t feeling well, in May 2011, Savage suffered a heart attack brought on by coronary artery disease while driving his Jeep. It’s all the more sad given that it was eight years to the month that is one time real-life wife and wrestling manager Miss Elizabeth had passed away.

Chris Benoit
What made the death of Chris Benoit was so shocking to everyone is that it involved more than just the death of a wrestler. In June 2007, police found Benoit’s body in the basement of his Atlanta home. The forty-year-old hanged himself but not before killing his wife and son. Would have caused them to do it? Theories range from steroid abuse to damage caused by years of head trauma. In any instance, this disturbing death caught everyone off guard and raised many questions about the dangers of massive head trauma in conjunction with steroid abuse.

Owen Hart
This legendary wrestler was a prominent character of the WWE for two decades. Through its golden era, Hart wrestled the biggest names was involved in some of the best storylines and made fans cheer or boo depending on his role at the time. In May 1999, while being lowered into the ring on a grapple line, Hart fell nearly 80 feet in front of a stunned audience. Attempts to revive the 34-year old proved futile.

Different Kind of Semi Trailer -Truck

For those of you who flunked truck Anatomy 101 here’s a quick review. The front of the truck where the driver sits is called the cab the back that carries the cargo is the trailer. A semi-trailer is a type of trailer whose front end goes on the same wheels as the rear end of the cab. This type of semi trailer is called a van it has a closed-in compartment for transporting cargo that needs protection from the elements. To make the coupler plate the part that attaches the van to the truck cab they submerge steel plates and water to avoid the smoke that metal cutting generates.

They use a computer-guided plasma cutters, powerful torch jets hot gas at high pressure slicing through the metal with detailed precision elsewhere. In the factory meanwhile they take pre-painted aluminum panels and rivet them onto aluminum or steel support posts. The same way drywall goes onto two-by-fours and house construction these thin lightweight panels will be the fans exterior walls plywood on the reverse side its interior walls. A computerized sensor guides the robotic drills to drive screws through the
plywood into the support posts underneath for heated or refrigerated bands. There’s a layer of insulation in the walls the floor is made of either laminated hard wood or aluminum screwed onto narrow steel beings after assembling the walls. The steel door frame and doors workers install a steel floor plate at the doorway.

This protects the floor from damage when truckers load and unload their cargo by forklift. Workers fold aluminum flashing over the roofs perimeter to prevent water infiltration. Fiberglass roofing like this allows daylight into the van. Aluminum roofing doesn’t so those vans sometimes have electric lighting another type of semi trailer is the flatbed an open trailer used mostly for hauling raw materials such as logs and pipes heavier flatbed models are made thick higher grade steel. Workers cut the bulkier parts using what’s called an
automatic oxy Qatar it combines two gases to create a flame intense enough to slice right through metal. Once cut the parts have to be formed to the required shape to do that workers use what’s called a press brake a machine that applies up to 300 tons of pressure to bend the steel.

They measure the results to ensure it meets design specifications. The chassis will have two main beams running the length of the flatbed a semi-automatic robot welds together. The various welded sections that make up each beam a worker follows behind inspecting the joints and removing welding residue. Now they position those two main be side-by-side inserting steel cross members through them support the floor. They install the coupler plate and other components then weld everything together flatbeds come in extendable versions designed to accommodate loads of various lengths they extend and retract on steel rollers operated by controls located inside.

The truck cap with the chassis complete they can now work on the axle assembly semi trailers have an airbrake system when the driver applies the brakes there’s a release of air pressure into the break chambers triggering the brake shoes bear down on the brake drums and stop the vehicle. Once the wheels and suspension system are in place workers install the axle assembly under the trailer. The average semi trailer weighs between 5 & 6 metric tons and can haul up to five times its weight.